Melissa Lee

The Queen of Kawaii, master of cuteness and everything chromatic, Melissa Lee is a berlin based Fashion designer, TV, Youtube & podcast host, and Founder & yearly contributor of the Kawaii festival for the past 3 years. Bringing her ultra colorful personality and whimsical style to everything she does, Melissa continues to inspire others with countless published DIY books and online guides to creating your very own cute Kawaii life. Melissa has been Embracing her inner nerd while kicking serious butt in a frilly dress professionally since 2011.

Sweet Inside

In an attempt of visualizing the impediments and sacrifices the pandemic places and continues to demand from all of us, while at the same time processing the our very own personal obstacles and emotional struggles dealing with this new reality, Sweet Inside presents a multi-facetted series of looks, characterized by diversity in shapes as well as color schemes and materials.

Including a variety of key items such as face coverings, restraining leather and PVC vinyl pieces, comfy loungewear and sleep masks, this collection compounds the wide range of emotions we have all felt over the ongoing situation as well as ways people have discovered to express those sentiments, in the end offering a source of comfort and community in the implication that we all share similar feelings of confusion and unease.

Sweet Sekuban

Through Sweet Sukeban, Mademoiselle Opossum explores the Japanese youth movement of underground girl squads and motorcycle gangs, prevalent mainly in the 1980s and clearly identifiable by their own distinct visuals and moral codes.

Delving into more casual styles, whilst leaning away from the classic Lolita fashion silhouettes our brand is widely known for, this collection stands as an experimentational work by incorporating more abstract shapes and structures into its designs, influenced by the bustling ambience of Tokyo nightlife.
Centered around the celebration of female empowerment through the liberation of fashion, Sweet Sukeban comes to life in a bright, fluorescent, vaporwave urban vision inspired by one of the most fascinating aspects of Japanese street style.

Sweet Sacrifice

In this collection, our brand is moving away from its well-known cute, playful and pastel signature aesthetic, leaning towards more elegant and mature looks centered around the topic of religion as our main inspiration. 

Combining components of traditional christian imagery with key elements of old school Gothic and Lolita fashion, as well as using advanced embellishment techniques on assorted high-quality fabrics, Sweet Sacrifice communicates a highly romantic atmosphere, radiating a sense of classical luxury and magnificence.

Sweet Tooth

In cooperation with Berlin based painter and illustrator Anne Bengard, Sweet Tooth translates the well-known fear of visiting the dentist into a sugary world of dental horror.

Utilizing the contradicting concepts of candy-induced cavities, the anxious feeling of being bound to a dentist’s chair followed by the familiar fantasy of the tooth fairy’s nightly visit, this collection processes these contrasts through silhouette, choice of fabric as well as careful attention to detail in accessories. 
Materials ranging from soft chiffons and lace to structured PVC vinyl, leather and LED light strips, combined with the creative integration of common dental imagery like X-ray scans and metal tool sets result in a newly seen interpretation of Mademoiselle Opossum’s cutesy, innocent signature look.

Mademoiselle Opossum x Kurebayashi
Capsule Collection – Harajuku Is Not Dead

This capsule collection was designed and executed specifically to be modeled by Tokyo based Japanese street fashion icon Haruka Kurebayashi, who we proudly welcomed as an official guest at the 2018 installment of the Kawaii Festival in Berlin. 
Incorporating elements from all kinds of classic Harajuku street styles such as Lolita fashion, Decora and Fairy Kei, the core of this collection lies in the sentiment that despite the ongoing commercialization of Japanese pop culture, its roots in the free-spirited and unapologetically unique creativity of independent designers and underground fashion movements will never truly vanish, as long as we continue to value and protect its legacy.

Sweet Parlour

Unlike previous collections that communicated a cohesive aesthetic, easily identifiable by an all-around shared visual, Sweets Parlour plays with the idea of the colorful variety of ice cream, interpreted differently in every outfit according to the association connected with each individual flavor.
From the royal elegance of mint chocolate ice cream to the distinct pastel color scheme of bubblegum soft serve, every look stands for itself and should be viewed as a separate piece of art. 
A special feature of this collection is the introduction of Mademoiselle Opossum’s first in-house fabric print, ethically produced in local factories and available in three color variants, representing a proud moment in the evolution of our brand and therefore fulfilling a long-term dream of mine as a Lolita fashion designer.

Sweet Siren

Taking its main inspiration from the magic of oceanic life, Sweet Siren allows the audience an insight into the perspective of fantastical nautical creatures, diving deep underneath the surface of the sea, looking up into the sunlight breaking through the water and thus discovering the beauty of a world previously unknown to the human eye.

Through the incorporation of light, translucent, free-flowing materials, iridescent accents in print, pearls and shiny ribbon as well as the playful use of familiar aquatic motifs and colors in every single outfit, the collection comes together in a youthful underwater fantasy.
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